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Do you know what this is? It is a loss of potential. It is a seed that was sown that could of produced a great harvest. It began to sprout and take hold but then, for some reason, it was uprooted-taken out of the environment necessary to thrive.

Perhaps it represents a God given dream, an opportunity or a prophetic word for your life. Jesus taught (Mark 4) about the kingdom of God being like a seed sown into our heart. He mentioned several things that could cause the potential of the seed to be aborted. He highlighted challenges like the enemy (through people usually) trying to convince you it can't happen for you, also offenses, cares of life and distractions. Did you know its the pressure of the elements wrapped around the seed that causes it to sprout, take root and mature? Don't take pressure as a sign to stop the process, but realize you're advancing toward your potential..!

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